Why VoIP?
Are you looking for a simplified way to manage phone communications?
Businesses are flocking to Voice Over IP technology (VoIP) to transform their communication
infrastructure with improved productivity and reduced costs. Good news is…they’re achieving
these goals and much more.
Traditional phone calls require a dedicated phone line to place each call. With VoIP, voice calls
are compressed and transmitted over the existing IP computer network. When you use voice
over IP service to make phone calls, you'll lower monthly phone bills and add features to your
communications system not available with a traditional phone service.

Benefits of VoIP
Voice ‘rides for free’ on existing data network
Improved productivity
Reduced operating costs
Scalability allows you to grow your phone system rather than scrap in the future
Simplified Infrastructure - fewer network components, no need for separate telephone system
Simplified ongoing maintenance of one voice/data infrastructure instead of two
Use VoIP And Start Saving Now!
TeleWorks can get your business up and running on VoIP quickly. Whether you purchase a
new telephone system with VoIP capability or want to add it to your existing phone system,
VoIP can be installed in minutes. VoIP is ideal for remote office workers that can be easily
reached while avoiding long-distance charges. Voice over IP service is an economical solution
for any business.
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