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With today's economy and demanding public needs, businesses are under pressure to
perform everyday at their highest levels to win and retain their customers. To meet these
pressures, employees need better tools for increased productivity.

TeleWorks communication solutions are designed to target the small-to-medium business
(SMB) needs and still maintain a business' basic need to lower costs. Every company has
unique services and products; to meet the unique challenges that grow from this diversity,
communications systems design must be flexible enough to meet the needs these services
and products require. With TeleWorks expertise along with today's best technology
partners, today's SMBs can have all of their communication and networking needs met
through one vendor: TeleWorks.

Every business knows the value of each encounter with a new or current customer or
supplier, and with the smaller scale of today's SMB, each of these contacts is vital to
competing in a global economy. TeleWorks solutions that provide customized call routing,
automated department access, live and voice mail backup, call coverage and after hours
notification are powerful weapons in attracting and retaining valuable customers and key
Many small- and medium-sized businesses are comprised of units housed in different
locations. Providing both seamless communications and access to advanced productivity
tools throughout the organization without wasteful duplication of investments is key to
survival and growth. TeleWorks SMB Solutions provide networking capabilities to allow for a
single centralized voice mail system for call coverage throughout the organization as well
as private networking to enhance effective team operations and connectivity between
systems over a converged backbone. These capabilities are provided without large
dedicated investments or high re-occurring expenses.

The versatility of TeleWorks expert design using cutting edge technology provides the
flexibility to meet all the needs of small and medium businesses and protects the company's
investment with modular expansion and technology updates as the business grows
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